Friday, June 1, 2012


Today is a good day! I'm sitting here with elegantly sipping soy milk through a great value green striped straw snacking on frozen blueberries with raw oats. I played piano for a while and tried to learn Hurt by Ali but failed so I improvised! I don't know what could be better
      Today I woke up and watched an episode of Rooftop Prince with Mickey Yoonchun <- i really don't know his name; he's from JYJ though. I started re-braiding my hair but I had to stop because the lack of time. Now I'm walking around with half my head braided lol. I jogged a mile came home and took a shower. Now I'm lounging around my house reading Parks & Cube's blog and dreaming of traveling the world
                    Yesterday I bought two adorable music boxes. One plays  Yellow Submarine by the Beatles and the other plays Here Comes the Sun! My brother and I are obsessed with them right now. They're childish twinkles and steampunky look is truly fairytale-      esque.

 I really need to buy a swimsuit. It's already time to swim and it's    getting into the high nineties.

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